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I believe everyone on this earth should have to work with customer service one time in their life, only then will they realize the ass-holes we deal with every single day!!

Servers work extremely hard to make your dining experience enjoyable, but when customers are annoying and disrespectful, a servers job becomes almost IMPOSSIBLE!!

So here i begin my own personal waiters/waitress rant!

First things first before i begin, let me point out a few things that every person should know before they ever go out to eat!

  1. If you are broke,  cannot tip, DO NOT EAT OUT!! This is why there are fast food places, so you can get your food fast and don’t have to tip! (Not so hard right)
  2. Lets talk about tipping, now i know that everyone has their own opinion on this…. Waiters/waitresses HAVE BAD DAYS we are all human!  As a waitress i can tell you that i have been to a few places where the services is down right BAD!!! But i can also say i have NEVER not tipped!  Most the time we have bad days because of the customers!!!  Servers get paid below minimum wage because they make Tips, so tips is the make it or break it point in every servers life! Salary varies from state to state, where i live i make around $4.00 an hour!  (Which means when you tip me nothing on a $50.00 freaking bill, I CANNOT PAY MY BILLS)
  3. LISTEN to your server!!!! I cannot say this enough it is a waste of my damn time when i finish explaining to you what soups we have and you say to me, “What soups do you have?” or the worst when i say “Hi my name is ____ I will be taking care of you, may i start……..” You simply cut in with something like this “Ughh how much that strawberry lemonade” DON’T Interrupt me you ignorant fuck!
  4. Don’t eat all your food, then complain that it did not taste as good as you would of liked it to…. Just so you can get it free!!!! When we ask you how is everything right after you get your food and you say, “good” and then finish eating your ENTIRE plate and even licking it clean, only then to say ” Umm, this was gross and i did not like it”
  5. I am your Server Not your SERVANT, So don’t order me to get you something every five seconds and not even say thank you!
  6. We are not STUPID! Do not talk to us like we are stupid, just because i am a server does not mean i cannot be something better! Half of servers are servers because they are going to school and serving is a good way to make some decent money to pay your schooling!
  7. If you are asking the prices of food don’t eat out, once again fast food places are cheap, go their and save me some time!
  8. We are not ignoring you, we are simply busy! It is so annoying when you are with another table and the table behind you Snaps their fingers, pulls on your shirt, taps you, throws a french fry at you, (all which have happened to me) just to get your attention! It takes every nerve in my body for me not to turn around to you and say “WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE”
  9. When you are done eating and have paid your bill LEAVE!!!  Especially if were on a wait, have some respect and get up and leave. This way we can still make some money!
  10. Thank you’s go a long way!! Saying thank you to your server improves their day!

So here i begin my blog as a server……..


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